Victoria Crowe 50 years of painting
Sat 18th May to 13th October 2019

It’s all very well sitting in the studio with your paints, but getting out and seeing what other artists are doing or have done can be enlightening. One of the retrospectives I was lucky enough to visit was the Victoria Crowe Exhibition in Edinburgh at The City Art Centre.

It’s a significant survey of the artists’ work. Three floors covering fifty years of painting, 150 paintings and it is a stunning exhibition. I went back and walked the galleries twice. Starting on the lower level, we see her early work. Up to portraits and an introduction to Jenny, the shepherd, Victorias neighbour. Finally, the third floor filled with beautiful landscapes, inspired by her life in the Scottish Borders and her time in Italy.

The exhibition is open until Sunday 13th October 2019, and a series of associated public events are programmed. The events book is rather decent and if funds run to its purchase, its worth buying.