“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.”

— Albert Einstein

There is a wonderful theory which states it is the hours spent in your head that defines the length of your life rather than the hours passed on an earthly clock.Just like when a person goes into space, they age faster than those left on earth. When you find yourself engrossed in something you love, the earthly clock hands will have moved faster than you thought.Often your ‘head clock’ will have told you an hour has passed, and yet when you look at your watch – you suddenly find it’s been two and a half hours and you haven’t even thought about getting the dinner on.

So, the theory is we are all pre-set with ‘head space’ available hours. It’s not so much the three score years and ten we should concern ourselves with but how many hours we ‘feel’ we’ve lived.

With that thought in mind, we should surround ourselves with people we love to be with and do the things which make us happy or enthused. We should embrace the desire to sleep, spend afternoons whiling away time flying kites, cycling, sailing, painting or skimming stones. Whatever, it is that stops the clocks for you should be undertaken with gusto because if we spend our lives in head hours, we’ll all live much longer and happier lives.

And, so it has been with me. Spring has flown by. I’ve painted for an exhibition in Glasgow, put some paintings into galleries but my head clock has been ticking slow and days have fallen like leaves in autumn. I have been consumed with Yewtree Cottage, Cedarbanks Arthouse and its associated artists, and getting Cedarbanks Studio’s splinter design company off the ground. Both new ventures are happily cruising along now, and I am back at my easel with earthly hours flying by as I contemplate what shade of blue I should use on my canvas.


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