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The Productive Wormery

The Productive Wormery

Our compost bins give us our annual harvest of ‘Black Gold;’ the magic dust, which we scatter over our raised beds in the hope of better and bigger plants.  Our soil has most definitely improved with the addition of our efforts with both seaweed and compost.

The wormery has the added benefits of having hundreds of little worms all reliant on my bringing them their ambrosia, which we call ‘kitchen waste.’

Twice a year I collect their compost, which is incredibly strong and so needs to be diluted with ‘normal’ potting compost bought from the garden centre.  In addition, the collected liquid (small tap at the bottom of the wormery) is fantastic as a plant feed.

This (pictured) model from Earth-essentials.co.uk looks marvellous, but you can quite easily make them and just buy in the worm.

So enough said, take my advice and get yourselves some new useful little pets. I’ve called all mine ‘Bob’, (same as the snails).



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