The sea shimmers in the morning, catching little puddles of silver. They’re the scalloped edges of an invitation. If you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself afloat, discovering the freedom of a cool breeze, the sound of wavelets running alongside your boat and hope of never being too far away from the sea again.

That love of the sea happened for me as a child, and it never left. Whether kite flying on a beach or sailing with your eyes cast windward or feeling the rhythm of a paddle as a seakayak moves through the water. All these experiences are deeply held treasures.

A few days ago I took a friend who was a little nervous of boats out in a canoe. We chatted about nothing in particular while the sea sang it’s song. My friend got a little braver and paddled a lttle further out. We found ourselves next to my mooring, got out the canoe and went sailing in the evening sun. The sea has another convert.

This weather has brought new boating experiences to lots of people. If you have never ‘had a go’, this could be the summer where you discover the water. I’ve put a few links at the bottom of this blog. Book a course and get out on a boat. Life really will never be the same again.