‘Bob’ the Escargots.

‘Bob’ the Escargots.

With the promise of warmer weather coming soon, my thoughts have turned again to my escargot.  I don’t have just the one; I have a friendly few. Several years ago I was very kindly given a snail farm.  A metre or so cubed cage, food and hatchling snails. They arrived at Christmas; too early for the little things to go outside, they had to be reared in my kitchen, much to the horror of my husband and to the delight of my son and I.  Now as the sunny days extend I see on the odd day my snails having an anxious poke around. My crew can easily demolish a cabbage in a day, and although in the past neighbours have curiously popped in with greens, their curiosity has somewhat waned over time.   Next on the job list, therefore, is the construction of a new raised bed for fast-growing greens, no doubt as I build I will be listening to the next book in the Montmorency Series.  Maybe I should give Monty a Tweet and see what he would suggest as fast-growing snail nosh.

If you would like to become an escargot keeper, I heartily recommend you do not name them if you intend to eat them; I speak from experience.  More importantly, however, you should get in touch with the experts. Helen who owns and runs H and HR Escargot down in Kent supplied our little troop of snails, and with the literature, she wrote and sent, together with helpful emails she has always been super. Here’s her website:          http://www.hrh-escargots.co.uk/shop


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