Boats on!

Boats on!

Last year despite advice from local sailors to take my boat off its mooring in September I left her on the water for the October school holidays. We had some beautiful last sails of the season, but I spend a few too many nights listening to the wind in the trees and picturing my beloved crashed upon the shore. Would I do it again? Being reasonable, at this time of the year I would say I’ll be taking her off with everyone else but when the time comes, the October holidays will call, and there will be every chance she’ll still be afloat to disturb my dreams.

Spring break arrived with a crash at the end of this week. Two whole weeks of being out afloat with my temporary crew before the school press-gangs him into service again. I always enjoy these bookend days of the season. You wrap up warm and take a flask, it’s sometimes just a little too chilly but then the day gives you a gem. A day filled with sunshine, sleeves are rolled up, and smiles widen as we realise we have a whole summer ahead of us.

If you fancy taking up sailing then here is a couple of links:

To learn to sail:‎

Or you would like to experience a larger sailing ship:



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