Kayaks, sailing boats and canoes. They can be addictive. They should come with a warning.

Recently supermarkets were told to remove surgery sweets from their checkouts. Which is why, we are now offered overpriced packets of nuts or dried sliced banana when we go to buy a pint of milk.

The ‘sweets at the checkout’ situation, big brother decided to step in. Put in a bit of regulation. Try and keep us fit and poor by selling us overpriced desiccated mango chunks when we just wanted a Mars Bar.

That hasn’t happened in the boaty world. You can have as many boats as you want. They call us like Sirens. “You haven’t got one like this. I’m red! This one lets you eat your dried fruit without getting your feet wet. .”

So, I’ve got another boat, and I’ll point out, I’m not made of money here. If you’re into boats – you become a magnet. You come by them. They end up in your garden. You find you can’t remember how individual boats got there, if in fact it’s even yours or bring yourself to get rid of it. Which is why when my husband and I got together we had something like fourteen boats between us. To be fair, a lot of them were kayaks. They don’t count. And there are two of us.

Anyhow, I got a new boat the other day. Not new ‘new’, just ‘new’ to me. She is a Nordcapp Jubilee and very grown up. I have fallen in love. She is sleek, fits like a glove and I know if I go over I will be rolling back up. Together we’ll have adventures. More hours, thinking about the adventuring than actually doing but, that’s part of the fun.

Getting out

If you haven’t had a chance to get out in a boat yet, then this could be your moment. In the summertime, you can join a club and potter about on a lake or the sea. In the winter time, many clubs run rolling classes.

Try out the sea kayaking. It’s fabulous. My new boat only has one drawback, there is nowhere to put your wasabi peas.

Have fun, stay safe and remember you’re only here once, so you’d better make the most of it.