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Bedtime Reading

With the advent of Smartphones, my bedtime reading routine has dramatically changed, gone are the nights of guilty reading with the bedtime light on. Gripped by a storyline, but aware of my partners need for sleep, the light was reluctantly turned out before my selfish reading indolence could be sated.

How things have changed. Day or night if the author has piqued my curiosity to even the slightest of heights I can turn on my little screen assured I am disturbing no one but my own sleeping patterns.

I have to ask myself occasionally come the following morning, when the expectation of being ‘up and at ’em’ has been more along the lines of ‘dragged up and hidden,’whether maybe smartphones are not such a great invention after all.

I am reading Bill Bryson’s ‘The Road to Little Dribbling.’ A brilliant book which is too funny to read on public transport. His books are a joy to read whether they are his fascinating English language, history or science books such as ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ or his lighter humorous travel books.

It isn’t the bedside light but the bedtime laughing which disturbs my husband now. Still, I’ve almost finished it, just one more chapter…



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