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The right side of summer.

The right side of summer.

This is the shortest day of the year for those of us north of the equator and the last thing we want to hear is this is also the first day of winter.

Some celebrate the Winter Solstice by heading enthusiastically to Stonehenge to mark the day in a way which seems most appropriate for them. South of the equator people wearing, possibly more than those at Stonehenge are enjoying their summer solstice. Up here on the West Coast of Scotland, where the difference between the longest and the shortest day is something like ten and a half hours, the thought of more sunlight is reason itself for celebration.

As far as I am concerned the Solstice puts us on ‘The Right Side of Summer.’

So, whether you are celebrating on the beach in a bikini,  dancing at Stonehenge or in front of the fire making the most of these long evenings,  I wish you all happiness and peace at this time of year.



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