Food fads do come and go; some we embrace and some we deny to even trying. I grew up in the seventies and eighties when the most exciting thing to eat was an avocado.

My son’s favourite food, on the other hand, is sushi.  Fourteen years old and he buys his ingredients from a Glasgow wholesale shop.

During the school holidays and on occasional weekends we scoot up to either Glasgow or Edinburgh fill our souls with a trip to a museum or art gallery and then top the day off with some sushi. My parents took us for a pint of whelks. (Mind you – that was great!)

He treats himself on a Friday, not to sweets but to sushi from the local supermarket. Not as good as the ‘real stuff’ he purchased from the night market in Thailand he tells me.

If you are new to Sushi, here’s a link to a site which should get you started:

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