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Sea Glass

I went for a walk along the beach today.  Time was spent scanning the horizon interspersed with long moments spent looking down. Someone watching me would have assumed I was deep in thought or heavy with worry. But, I wasn’t.

The sky was putting on a show, full of the most beautiful colours, brilliant blues overlaid with creamy yellows merged with dazzling white clouds catching bright sunlight.  Low across this backdrop; hostile charcoal and dove grey clouds whipped across the mountaintops dumping their loads as snow.

I had come to the beach to walk ‘Finn the Dog’ and search for sea glass.  (For those of you who didn’t know, sea glass is the frosted pieces of glass you find on the beach.) I find lots mostly white and green, occasionally a treasured blue. It’s strange to think a piece I found on the shore started its life as a broken bottle or glass, tumbled by the tide and roughened by the rocks and stones. It has taken between twenty and fifty years to find it’s way to me, to be exclaimed over and picked up as a piece of treasure on a windswept beach on the west coast of Scotland.

I save them up and they find their way into various DIY tinkering projects I get up to.  The last sea glass collection was turned into a ‘stained glass’ window. I removed the top section off an old double glazed window, poured in the collection and replaced the top.  Making the window took only a short time, but the sea glass in the window took months or years of collecting. Miles upon miles of walking along the beach, running dogs, tumbling waves, racing clouds, beautiful skies and a bucket of sea glass.  I love that little window.

If you fancy collecting sea glass and then possibly doing something other than keeping it in a jar and occasionally smiling at it, here is a link for ideas. Happy hunting!



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