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Scotland Open Garden Days

Scotland Open Garden Days

Despite the promise of Summer, our hopeful plans have not born fruit. The weather of Camelot with rain only at night and endless days of sun were only dreams and instead, we were presented with thwarted ideas and sodden grass.

Unable to get into the garden as often as I would have wanted and Monty’s Gardeners World television programme not really satisfying the gardening urge, I ventured out in the rain and checked out some of the local gardens. The Scottish Open Garden Scheme is superb! You can take your time and chat with the owner of the garden, who are often knowledgeable and sometimes just enthusiastic. Either way, it’s inspiring.

After meeting like-minded people and having seen a few new gardens I have decided to rethink what I am doing in the garden. In the few brief days of dry weather my son and I dug over a new flowerbed. It now lays bare waiting for me to move some plants. When the weather dries up.



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