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Plastic trugs or wooden trugs?

Plastic trugs or wooden trugs?

Plastic trugs or wooden trugs? I have both.  When I potter and attempt a ladylike attitude to the garden, a wooden trug can certainly help the image and calm the mind. I use them for everything, collecting the eggs, holding my tools and believe it or not, collecting cut flowers.

When a determined job of digging is required, normally involving the pretence of being ‘a good woman with a shovel’ then I am afraid its inevitable plastic trugs and wheelbarrows show their faces. But, my heart lies with a wooden trug.  I bought an enormous trug earlier this year, and I hadn’t even got it unwrapped when I husband took ownership of a smaller one I had. Apparently, he needs it for egg collection.  I think he just wanted to be a trug owner.

Kevin down in Hailsham, ably assisted (or supervised) by his wife Jacqui makes suburb handmade trugs.  All signed and dated. A required piece of gardening kit and a beautiful item to own.





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