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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

2016. Said aloud; “it’s like a crisp, clean page or blank canvas”, it’s strange to think that it takes the changing of a year to make us rethink what we are doing or reevaluate our lives, but it does and we do. Gyms and diet clubs abound with new members. Book club list are written up full of self-improvement; striving to be happy or happier.

I think I may have cracked it though. It isn’t difficult. Do things that make you happy. Skydiving or diving off the Great Barrier Reef is maybe something we can put on our bucket list, and that’s great. But, it isn’t what I mean. Make a cup of tea and take ten minutes to wander around the garden. Have a look. I mean, really look. What can you see? There will be something beautiful and new; something to celebrate. Cook something decent. Take the dog for a walk. Engage and be nice to yourself. Happy New Year!



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