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Escargot Hatchlings

Escargot Hatchlings

I was out paddling a canoe last week and was delighted to feel the warmth of the sun on my face. That first touch, a promise of favourable weather to come is blissful and for me an unforgettable and impatiently waited for annual event.

It also serves as a marker that the weather is warm enough for my little escargot hatchlings to go outside. They have been luxuriating in a propagator in my kitchen. Hatched too early to go outside they are mollycoddled with fresh lettuce, peeled cucumber and special snail food (to build strong shells) served every day.

I have to confess to being delighted by their antics; their surprisingly speedy dashes in attempted escape when I am cleaning their living space and their races to the peeled cucumber which is their absolute favourite food. I’m sure if you listen carefully enough you could hear them giggle as they push each other out of the way to get to their chosen piece. I’ve reread this through and now the sun is out it is definitely time for the hatchlings to go into their outside enclosure. I’m getting far too attached!


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