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Cluck and the Chicken Crew

Cluck and the Chicken Crew

When my lifestyle changed for the better, I had dreams of having a smallholding. I saw myself dressed in flowing smocks, carrying baskets filled with flowers, eggs and freshly harvested vegetables.

The reality is somewhat different, wellies and woolly jumpers are the normal garb as I amble from the chicken coup to the escargot cage; chickens and Finn the dog at my heels.

We have five chickens, a variety of breeds and a whole lot of personalities!

Cluck, is our eldest, an ex-battery Rhode Island Red.  She likes a hug and is heading into a well-deserved retirement. She still lays an occasional egg.

Sophia (named after Sophia Loren) is a beautiful light blueish grey Arucana, she lays blue/ green eggs and prefers not to be hugged but likes a stroke whilst she stands on the ground. She is very curious though and will watch you whilst you work outside.

Igraine, a White Sussex, lays well. She’ll feed out your hand if you are patient and will come when she is called.  She’s a heavy bird and as I’ve told you before she looks like a Lancaster bomber when she runs.

Joey is our magnificent Welsummer, she lays dark brown eggs. Being a little reserved, she does not appreciate being touched, talked to, or being made a fuss of. She couldn’t care a less what you were doing. Joey is endlessly forgiven because she is beautiful. The world is not fair.

Speckledy is a Barred Plymouth Rock. She does not come when she is called because she wants you to come and carry her back to the coup.  She is especially loving and will chirp away to you whilst being cuddled. I have convinced the local kids I know what she is saying.

So, these are the chickens.  We also have a wormery, which works well. An escargot cage for breeding snails and Finn the dog.


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