//Annual Re-branding?

Annual Re-branding?

Surrounded by friends and family who tell us they are going to start a diet, stop smoking, start exercising, stop overeating, start a new life… I can’t keep but feel we are somehow missing the point; these statements of intention are not made with pleasure.

I appreciate I am getting to (Not reached!) the stage in life where I could begin to be described as grumpy. I’m not, but I do occasionally have a moment and I can feel one coming on…

New Year’s Eve and the annual self-rebranding. Why do we have to wait for the first of the year to start a something new? Personally, I find those around me who are motivated to be happy find they evolve. They enjoy learning, they appreciate a bit of effort on their part is in itself enjoyable. The inevitable result of effort is reward, whether that is a skill they have absorbed, a place they have visited or a way of thinking adopted. Mentally, physically or any of the other ‘ally’s none of these things had a start by date.


But, maybe I’m missing the point. Do we need a socially imposed deadline for individual improvement? What are we aiming for? Media would have us believe we will perfect as long as we are long slim and glossy.  But, I’ve always aimed for engaged with life and happy.

All of us are not the people we once were. For some traits, this is a reason for celebration, for others less so. Nevertheless, we are all artists. We have all shaped ourselves into what we want ourselves to be. We have spent years doing it and the shaping is a daily act.  What a gift that is. How exciting to think we have the rest of our lives to engage in what makes us happy. That is my wish to you at this time and in fact, at any time of the year: fulfilment and happiness.




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