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A Walk with a Flask

A Walk with a Flask

We’re in the deep mid-winter, when we have blue skies above our heads the frost is cracking beneath our feet.  These are my favourite days. When the world invites us to get outside and ‘do something.’ It takes no strength of character to get out and have a walk on days like these. The simple fact of ‘getting out’ is reward in itself.

On the dark mornings when the sound of rain on the window drives us deeper under the duvet; where the greyness of the daylight never quite dissipates until sunset. These are the days we search for the ‘character, childhood walks along windswept beaches apparently gave us.

My brother and I would be bundled into the car and taken to a favoured remote beach. We walked the beach, heads tucked down against the wind, linked arms, shouting to be heard above the wind and waves.  Occasionally we would leave fishing lines out, pick them up on the way back.  I can still hear my father, “This will give you character!’  He would laugh and stride on with us following.  Back in the car, Mum would give us hot Coco out the flask. And we would all agree it had been a great day.

I’m not sure if it was the character building or the hot cocoa we enjoyed more but certainly now as the rain pelts against the window, I am already filling my flask as Finn the Dog waits impatiently for me.  Maybe a short walk is better than none at all.

If you fancy a walk, here is a link to a few you may enjoy:




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